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Santa Maria Defective Product Attorney

Defective Products and injuries

A defective product is any product which fails to perform as promised or implied.  Sometimes a consumer will purchase a product and take it home only to find that it really doesn't do what it is supposed to.  Under these circumstances the consumer returns the product and gets a refund.  Some products not only do not perform but cause injury or death.  What do you do in this case?  Whether the defect caused a car accident, a fire, or an injury to a child you need the help of a Santa Maria personal injury attorney who is willing to take on any entity of any size on behalf of a client.

Defective Product Lawyer in Santa Maria

The personal injury laws were enacted to provide an opportunity to an injured person to recover losses from a responsible person or entity.  "Punitive damages" is a term which describes additional compensation which may be awarded under certain conditions.  This is a method of making up to the injured person suffering and hardship and is a penalty on the defendant for especially irresponsible negligent behavior.  The prospect of having to pay large punitive damages can act as a deterrent for others who might be tempted to a similar irresponsibility.  A defective product lawyer with our firm plays a very important role in safeguarding the public from unscrupulous individuals who put profits ahead of safety.

A product liability case concerns a design flaw, a failure to provide sufficient instructions on the correct and safe use of the product, or an individual product which was flawed and as a result caused injury or death.  The dedicated legal team at our firm is prepared to swing into action on behalf of a client who has suffered injury in order to obtain the maximum compensation available.  Call Pacific Attorney Group to discuss your case with a personal injury lawyer who is committed to protecting the public from dangerous defective products.

Contact a Santa Maria Defective Product Attorney at the firm who will explain your rights and assist a client to collect full compensation for injuries.


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