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Santa Maria Dog Bite & Attack Attorney

About Dog Bites & Attacks

Dog bite attacks are more common than the general public suspects.  These are potentially dangerous injuries.  In addition to the puncture wound, muscles and other tissues may be ripped and bones may be broken.  In addition dog's mouths contain a great deal of bacteria which can cause an infection.  If the dog is sick that may add another dimension to the possible dangers as some illnesses can be passed on to humans.  If you have been attacked and bitten by a dog you should consult a Santa Maria personal injury attorney right away.

Dog Bites & Attack Lawyer in Santa Maria

In California owners are considered 100% responsible for the actions of their dog and legally must make right any damage the dog does.  The dog bite can present a particular difficulty for some people.  Because the majority of people bitten know the dog's owner either as a friend or a neighbor many are reluctant to create a rift in the existing relationship with their friend or neighbor.  The truth of the matter is a person who is bitten needs immediate medical attention. 

If the injuries are very serious this may involve extensive care and expense.  Additionally, the dog owner very likely carries insurance in case of an accident, so it is not the neighbor or friend but an insurance company which will be dealing with your claim for damages.  A knowledgeable dog bite and attack lawyer at our firm can prepare a comprehensive claim for damages for you.

While only a few people die each year from a dog attack, less than 100.  Most dog attack fatalities are children.  Our legal team is fully prepared to take action in order to send a message and prevent others from being injured in the future.  Talk with an experience personal injury lawyer at our firm to find out what your options are.  Call Pacific Attorney Group for a free consultation.

Contact a Santa Maria Dog Bite & Attack Attorney at the firm can assist an injured client to obtain full compensation in the case of a dog bite attack.


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