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Lawyer for Trucking Accidents in Santa Maria

Types of Trucking Accidents and Injuries

Trucks share the roadways with all other types of motor vehicles.  A collision with a truck that is much higher, heavier and longer may result in serious injuries or deaths to the vehicle occupants.  The usual types of accidents involving trucks are often extreme impact crashes from ones that are head-on, rear-end, side impact or T-bone, and jackknife.  The injuries are usually severe such as head and neck injuries, fractures, amputations, traumatic brain injury, internal organ damage, spinal cord injuries, or death.  Injury victims may require prolonged hospitalization and medical treatment. 

The injuries may result in loss of income due to missed work.  Some victims may suffer temporary or permanent disability.  Victims injured in trucking accidents should contact a Santa Maria personal injury lawyer for legal assistance with injuries or a death of a loved one resulting from a truck accident.  The Pacific Attorney Group represents victims of personal injury accidents.  Our firm has successfully represented many clients who have received injuries in trucking accidents. 

Some Contributing Factors to Trucking Accidents

The trucking industry is huge and is an important part of our economy.  Certain government agencies regulate the trucking industry to ensure safety on the roads.  Violations of regulations can contribute to trucking accidents, including:  driver fatigue, failure to take adequate rest or meal breaks; pressure to meet unrealistic delivery schedules; use of drugs or alcohol; driver distractions, lack of visibility, hazardous road or weather conditions; tire blowout, poorly maintained vehicle, or mechanical failure. 

Trucking companies normally are required to carry higher insurance coverage in case of an accident.  Typically, the insurance adjusters and investigators for the trucking insurance companies attempt to minimize injuries and property damage.  They try to settle a claim quickly for as little payment as possible.  If negligence caused a trucking accident then the responsible party may be liable to the injured victim for damages. 

The damages may include loss of income, medical costs, property damage, pain and suffering and loss of companionship.  Do not settle an insurance claim before speaking with an experienced personal injury lawyer.  The Pacific Attorney Group has the necessary experience to aggressively help trucking accident victims receive maximum compensation for their injuries.  Make an appointment today for a consultation with a skilled trucking accident attorney from our firm.

Contact a Santa Maria Trucking Accidents Attorney for legal representation for injuries from trucking accidents.


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