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Santa Maria Workers' Compensation Attorney

Regarding Workers' Compensation

The advent of workers' compensation was a great step forward for employees of all types.  Prior to the enacting of this law in California financial assistance to an injured worker for an on the job injury or occupational illness was very "hit and miss".  This caused great financial difficulties for workers and employers.  Under this law all employers have the option of purchasing workers' compensation insurance or becoming self-insured.  With either option anyone suffering from an on the job injury is entitled to certain benefits. 

As long as the accident is reported in a timely fashion to the employer an injured worker's medical care is covered and pay is partially replaced if the injury requires an absence of longer than three days.  If you have an employment related injury it is important that you seek the assistance of a Santa Maria personal injury attorney as soon as possible that can help you with any problems which occur concerning your claim for benefits.

Workers' Compensation Lawyer in Santa Maria

With an average of 5.3 out of 100 workers injured annually the chance of an injury accident is high.  An on the job injury is any injury that occurs during the course of a person's employment.   A delivery driver who twists his ankle getting out of his truck while at a customer's place of business is covered.  A secretary who is sent to on an errand to pick up office supplies and trips and falls while at the store is still covered.  The workers' comp laws are complex. 

Determining compensation and eligibility may result in disputed issues.  Some decisions may seem unfair and will require an appeal.  An experienced workers' compensation lawyer at our firm is thoroughly knowledgeable regarding these matters and is prepared to assist a deserving injured worker to receive the full benefits to which he or she is entitled.  

Workers' comp benefits are generally inadequate when it comes to benefits paid for serious injury and disability.  Very often the cause of these accidents can be traced back to negligence on the part of a third party.  In these cases additional compensation may be available through a third-party liability action.  A skilled personal injury attorney with our firm will listen carefully to your description of your accident and can look further to identify any third-party liability.  Our goal is to ensure an injured client is adequately compensated for all damages and receives the necessary medical care to ensure the best recovery.  Call Pacific Attorney Group for a consultation at no charge.

Contact a Santa Maria Workers' Compensation Attorney at the firm for assistance and advice on obtaining full benefits and compensation for your injury.


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